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Canvas Rebel Features Mallory Lambert, Owner of Mal Nourish Bakery

Canvas Rebel, a creative marketing and design agency, is proud to present the inspiring story of Mallory Lambert, a talented artist and entrepreneur, on their website.

The article features an interview with Mallory Lambert, the owner of Mal Nourished Bakery. Mallory shares her journey of starting a baking business from home to offering meal prep and then eventually transitioning into a mobile bakery. She talks about the challenges she faced and how she learned to bake through research and practice. Mallory also shares her marketing experiences and how she built a strong reputation by focusing on the quality of her products and customer experience. The article provides Mallory's contact information for those interested in learning more about her business.

To read Mallory's inspiring story, visit Canvas Rebel. For more information about Canvas Rebel and their services, visit

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